Multi-Connector Graphs, Widget Comments, Widget History, Comparison Data & More!

2 May 2024

Multi-connector graphs

This innovative feature allows users to simultaneously select and compare data from two different platforms on a single, unified chart. Whether you're looking to compare marketing campaign results across social media channels or analyze user engagement metrics between your app and website, this new widget makes it incredibly straightforward. 

By plotting multiple data streams side by side on one chart, you can easily spot trends, measure performance discrepancies, and make data-driven decisions with precision. This feature is just one of the ways we're working to make Hurree not just a data visualization tool, but a strategic partner in your success.

Widget comments

This interactive feature allows users to comment directly on any widget within their dashboards, providing additional clarity, context, or feedback right where it's needed. Users can also tag team members in comments to facilitate collaboration or draw attention to specific data points. Users can check their notifications tab for any comments and will be notified if they have been tagged directly. 

This addition is particularly useful in scenarios where real-time collaboration is crucial. For example, if a marketing team is monitoring a live campaign, other team members can comment on specific widgets to discuss anomalies in data, validate marketing strategies, or suggest adjustments. This ensures that all team members are aligned and can react quickly to dynamic market conditions without switching between multiple tools or communication channels. It’s all about making data-driven teamwork as seamless and effective as possible.

Widget history

This new feature allows each widget to display not just current data but also the historical data from previous periods. This retrospective view helps users track changes, patterns, and trends over time, directly from their dashboard.

Understanding historical data is crucial for strategic decision-making. For instance, a sales manager can now easily view past sales performance directly on their widgets, compare it with current data, and identify trends or seasonal impacts. This feature is available on all widget types and is invaluable especially in situations where understanding past metrics is key to setting future goals and benchmarks.

Moveable widgets

In our ongoing effort to enhance the user experience within the Hurree platform, we are thrilled to introduce moveable widgets. This new feature allows you to effortlessly relocate widgets between different dashboards, enabling a more fluid and customized data visualization experience. This is ideal if you need to shift a widget quickly to a more relevant dashboard for a specific report or reorganize your dashboards. You can tailor your dashboards to your evolving needs without having to recreate widgets from scratch, saving you time and enhancing your analytical capabilities.

Next sync date

This new feature provides critical insights into when your data was last updated and when the next update is scheduled. Each widget will now display the next sync date, offering you a clear view of how current your data is, which is especially crucial for metrics that require the most up-to-date information, for instance monitoring sales data during a flash sale campaign. 

Having the sync information available allows you to plan better and act more decisively, knowing exactly when new data will be available. Whether you're preparing for a high-stakes presentation or adjusting campaign parameters in real time, the visibility of data freshness ensures that you're always working with the most relevant and accurate information.

Comparison data on all graphs

Now you can easily compare current performance against previous periods on all graph widgets, helping you understand the why behind shifts in performance.

This feature comprises a dotted line showing past performance and a solid line indicating the most recent performance. Adding this comparison data allows for direct visual contrasts between different time periods within the same chart. This can help quickly highlight growth, decline, or other trends. With these side-by-side comparisons, you can make more strategic decisions, backed by a clear visual representation of historical data versus current data.

New dashboard templates

We're committed to continuously expanding our library of templates and have introduced five new templates, each tailored to meet specific analysis needs and help you get started quickly:

  • Social growth: This template consolidates all follower data, offering a single, clear view of engagement across your social channels. 

  • Traffic by country: Analyze your global web traffic to see where your visitors are coming from, helping you tailor and streamline your marketing efforts effectively. 

  • SEO basics: Keep tabs on your essential SEO metrics, from keyword rankings to overall web traffic. 

  • Advanced company overview: Gain a comprehensive view of all departments in your company. Incorporating tools across marketing, sales, finance and customer success, you will have instant insight into successes, shortfalls and whether teams have met their targets.

  • Deals leaderboard: Encourage friendly competition within your sales team using our Sales Leaderboard dashboard powered by Pipedrive.

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© 2023 Hurree, Inc. All rights reserved.

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© 2023 Hurree, Inc. All rights reserved.

All trademarks, logos, and brand names are the property of their respective owners.

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